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When it comes to the painting services offered by Sydney House Painting, the same are listed below:

  • New Construction Painting
  • Repainting and redecorating for older homes and buildings
  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Industrial Painting

Interior and Exterior painting

Sydney House Painting carry out extensive interior and exterior painting work for both domestic and commercial customers’. And it is not just painting but we also take care of decorative finishes, textured painting, textured effects, and any type of coating work too. So for your home, office or any building, if you want painting work or some specific painting services, we are good for that.


New construction painting and repainting

For both older and newer buildings we offer a range of painting services. So for all new constructions, be it a home or commercial space, if you are looking at end-to-end painting services, we are good for that. And this would include interior, exterior painting, decorative finishes, coating and more.

Similarly, if it is an older home or for the place you reside in, if a painting service is due and much needed, we carry out repainting work too and we will carry out whatever work is needed and more.

To engage us for any of our above listed services, you may, write to us at bunclejohn@gmail.com. or speak to us on 0403 515 764.


Sydney House Painting team is highly experienced in the execution of all painting projects

Easy to arranged an appointment to discuses colour and finishes and free quotation. unique and detailed features including decorative finishes.